10 tech trends in 2018 and how things turned out.

There was a lots of tech trends that was floating around during the last days of 2017 and we were told to look out for them. It is almost the end of 2018 and, in this article, we would be highlighting 10 of these tech trends and how things turned out. 

1.            Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Things turned out pretty good…


  • AI is found in almost everything. More startups sprouted that has AI at their core
  • The knowledge is everywhere to anyone who wanted and inclusion of cloud computing for AI makes it easier to test models
  • Deepmind is probably still the leader in terms of AI research
  • DeepMind’s Alpha Zero is at the top of the chain of AI systems after attain superhuman level in chess, shogi and go under 24 hours.
  • Artificial Intelligence chips became a thing for more computational power

2.            Virtual Reality  (VR)

Things turned out okay…


  • VR headsets are cheaper and better coming as low as $200
  • VR headsets can be used with a high-end android phone not necessary that you get controllers
  • Standalone VR headsets are now available (OcculusGo – $179)
  • VR was adopted more in the industry (Automotive, Design etc.) as a tool but no more than a cool toy for the consumer

3.            Augmented Reality (AR)

Kinda did better than VR


  • Microsoft HoloLens wins in all ramification, but it’s damn expensive ($3,000 for developers, and $5,000 for commercial use).
  • People seem to embrace the bringing unreal things to the real world (AR) than taking reality away (VR)
  • It is still expensive to build and develop for…no reasonable price cuts in this area
  • Microsoft holds the cards in this space
  • Google glass is a smart glass not AR

4.            Quantum Computing

It still has a long way to go but we are moving


  • There is a long list of companies (Google, NASA,Microsoft, Intel, IBM etc.)  are pursuing this technology “cos of security reasons”, that’s what they tell us, but we allknow…
  • Every one is after a higher quantum chip and still testing it; Intel, a  49-qubit quantum chip, Microsoft, a 250 quibit chip and D-Wave/Google/NASA coalition announced their latest which is 128-quibit
  • United States Quantum Consortium was set up in September, a way for US to win the race of quantum computing.
  • The closest a quantum computer has gotten to the consumer is through Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit
  • All quantum computers are still in their testing phase

5.            Blockchain

Things are bad now


  • Lots of startups based on blockchain rolled out.
  • Each startups came out with their own Initial Coin Offerings and there was a sea of ICOs by mid 2018
  • African countries are still left out in theadoption of Bitcoin for legal tender
  • The technology is well adopted and its knowledgeis everywhere
  • Bitcoin has been downhill from around October till today…our prayers is that it rise

6.            Self-driving Cars

Farther than we thought


  • California self-driving regulations allowed companies to deploy autonomous vehicles for public roads, without human drivers.
  • Google self-driving car (Waymo) is still leading the way covering more distance autonomously than any other.
  • Tesla is still using cameras for self-driving cars instead of lidar like all others to help cut cost
  • All self-driving cars are still in testing phase
  • None of fully autonomous like we expected…it isso much easier to theoritize about it.

7.            Space

We broke grounds


  • Falcon Heavy, the fourth-highest capacity rocket ever built, successfully launched beyond Mars carrying a dummy payload of Starman, dressed in SpaceX spacesuit and in a Tesla Roadster
  • Blue Origin’s New Shepard has its first passenger-carrying spaceflight
  • SEC sued Elon for his tweet about taking SpaceX private. Fined for $40 million and stepping aside from the chairman role for 3years
  • Virgin Galatic’s rocket-powered Spaceship Two carrying two test pilots flew to an altitude of 51.4 mile which is controversially space (ask Airforce and Federation Aeronautique Internationale). The first commercial passenger spaceflight we were promised in April.

8.            Robots

Things are happening…wonderful things…just not world moving yet


  • Boston Dynamics is still the leader in this space
  • Boston Dynamics Atlas (their robot) can now do parkour…it is on its way to enlist in the military (an expensive joke right? Wait till you see it)
  • Blind locomotion was achieved by a group of researchers at MIT who built cheetah 3 that could move around with no vision…
  • We saw more of collaborative robots in research
  • Talk of Bug-sized Robots, DARPA’s Robot Olympics was for tiny robots of about a fraction of inch

9.            5G

Much of talk


  • Pre-orders of 5G service has started
  • Trials of the 5G service is still being conducted
  • The infrastructure is still expensive
  • 5G is a global race cos connectivity will become faster
  • Much of talk and advert on how great things would get

10.          Smart/IOT/Cloud

Increasingly popular,

  • more and more devices are connected, and it is becoming cheaper and better using the cloud.
  • An approximate of 1.2 billion devices are saidto be connected
  • It is very rare to be disconnected as of 2018 cos every gadget you get is smart


2018 has been a great year for in technology sphere. Things are getting better, though we still have a long way to go but we have made a great stride in humanity long lasting hallmark.

But who says 2019 cannot be much better.

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