Understanding cyborgs in an exciting way


In this article we would be talking about, cyborgs…exciting, right?

Let’s dive right it…

Who is cyborg?

Where should we started…Hmm…why don’t we ask one of them?

And no I am not talking about those you are thinking. I am talking about the cyborg we have known for years, our esteemed “Terminator”.

Don’t tell me you didn’t know that Terminator was a cyborg? Haha…no offense that’s why you are here and now you know.

When we asked MR. Terminator who he was?

I am a cybernetic organism, living tissue over a metal endoskeleton


or you don’t believe me? Okay check this out:

didn’t i tell you

So what does that mean, just a series of big words or not…

Cyborg actually comes from the joining of the word cybernetic and organism.

The only thing you need to know about Cybernetics (at least for this article) is that it has to do with feedback and control mechanism.

What does it [cybernetics] mean in relation to a cyborg?

Let’s say hypothetically we know someone who just lost his leg but by technology he was able to get a new leg (not a new human leg, prostheses). After a while he is back to doing his job and playing just like anyone.

But say you are close and you ask, “can you feel your leg?”and he answers, “Oh No”. Then he is not a cyborg cos to become a cyborg he has to feel his leg.

To become a cyborg, the body part that was replaced or integrated with the organism must become part of the organism

Cybernetics is what is going to make him become a cyborg.

The reason that person cannot feel his leg is that the new leg is not giving feedback to the brain and also the brain cannot control the leg.

Hence, the knowledge from cybernetics helps the scientist and engineer to design a feedback system and a control mechanism that can make the leg behave like a real leg would. And that’s the beginning of becoming a cyborg.

please note: cybernetics is whole discipline and kinda more complicated than i am painting it. 

After the prostheses has been built to give feedback to the brain and allows the brain to control the leg it must do one more thing, behave like a normal human leg – the next tricky part.

You can’t just build some design for the leg and call it a cyborg. It has to be a human inspired design and that’s where bionic comes in.

Another word right?

Bionic has to do with designing body parts to make them look human for humans and dog-like for dogs.

bionic hand from star wars

So you have designed a body part that is human like and make it communicate with the brain. You are one last step deficit to building a cyborg.

Becoming part of the human. You have successfully built a cyborg if at the tail end an amputee can feel the leg allowing it to become part of him.

But are they [cyborg] different?

Hell yeah!

I mean, the body parts we are talking about could be made from synthetic fibers to carbon nano-tubes.

All things right, someone who is a cyborg due to his hand would give an unforgettable punch compared to an ordinary human solely cos of the material.

Are all cyborgs enhanced?

Not all, only those that are built to be.

If the engineer and scientist behind the development desires that the body part be super human, they would have to factor it in their design.

Thus, enhanced cyborgs is about building it into the design.

And as of today, I have not seen anyone that is enhanced because he is a cyborg, but that would be cool right?

Does an exoskeleton pass for a cyborg?

You’ve probably seen one of this:

Hybrid Assistive Limb in development by Tsukuba University of Japan

It gives the person wearing it the power to be super strong, fast, or super-something

But does it pass for being a cyborg?


The whole point of a cyborg is about integration. The bionic hand [computer] becoming part of the organism [human] and that gives us a cyborg.

Terminator said it already, “living tissues over metal endoskeleton”…no argument with that.

An exoskeleton is just like entering into a very fancy power house that is even not yours.

No one who wears the exoskeleton and says it has become part of him, cos his boss could just say take off that suit and give it to the next person. I mean if it was part of you, you don’t just take it off, right?


And that concludes our discussion about cyborgs.


  • Cyborgs are cybernetic organisms
  • Cybernetics has to do with feedback to the organism and the organism having control of the body part that was replaced by a mechanical one.
  • Cyborgs body part are designed to look human
  • For cyborgs to be enhanced, they have to be built intentionally that way.

My question for you is this, if in years to come you can become a cyborg without losing your limb or something, would you become a cyborg? Would you want it to be enhanced? And do you think cyborgs would make us better as humans or not?

Leave your comments below.

Thank you for reading

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